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Custom Solutions Development

What makes our offer special

Tailor-based software development

We treat each Client individually. Before making a proposal, we collect all information about the technologies used in the company and plans for the future. With this approach we're able to create architecture that will satisfy the customer in a long-term.

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Scalable solutions

We think about the scalability from the early each project stage. We understand that data volume might vary over time and our mission is to build software that can be easily extended and scaled in the future.

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We are software geeks who love engineering work, but what makes us special is our mission. We're fully focused on gathering all technical and functional requirements and correctly defining acceptance criteria, so we can later take full responsibility for the project and deadlines.

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Cost effectiveness

Why would you want to pay upfront for IT infrastructure or huge license fees? We are experts in cost models for cloud data services. We can deliver solutions that are cost efficient and where the price is linear to usage. We can advise you on short term and long term cost models. Let's choose together the right services and avoid overspending.

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Custom Solutions Development: Doświadczenie
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