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Who we are

Qoob Data Services helps companies and institutions of all sizes to design and develop the best data engineering pipelines and solutions using either on-premise or cloud environments.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the data engineering area where we have delivered multiple projects that are constantly bringing value and profit to our customers. We used to work with data lakes, data warehouses, RDBMS, no-sql, data platforms, real time processing and DataOps

We understand that in the ever-changing software industry there is a need for flexibility. We're focused on problem solving and we consider technology as a great tool for that purpose. Our portfolio contains mostly data engineering projects built on top of modern Cloud and Big Data platforms. However we also have significant experience with other open source projects and we're ready to explore new possibilities.

​​We believe that in the ever-changing technology market, companies need reliable partners who will help them meet the challenges of technological development. 

We specialize in all areas related to data engineering in cloud. It enables us to focus on every detail and provide the best possible solution. We can help you design and build every aspect of your project, from topics like DataOps, data pipelines design, platform architecture to data platform job scheduler or design of  a scalable data lake.

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